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The Sunset Solo  -Yokeless

If solo paddling is your preference, then consider the sleek and nimble Sunset. Designed as a fast recreational play boat, it's equally suited for flatwater as well as moderate whitewater. If you paddle alone, the Sunset will fulfill your dreams.


                 Northern Outfitter or Elite 16   

            1-2 person canoe. No exceptions. 

Durable, nimble and exceptionally fast for the size, best describes the Elite 16 constructed of Kevlar. Extra sharp entry lines and a near vertical bow and stern provide excellent tracking characteristics. The Elite design cruises with an ease reminiscent of a much larger canoe.

Prospector 16  - 2 person canoe. 

If tripping is in your heart, the Northern Prospectors embody the Prospector tradition with a graceful fusion of form and function. Sleek canoes with moderate rocker and sharp entry lines, the Northern Prospectors are at home anywhere on the diverse waterways of the Canadian wilderness. Whether you’re headed down the river or across the lake, the Prospector satisfies the robust demands of backcountry trippers.

Northern Outfitter 17' or Adventurer 17' 

Rewards the proficient paddler with a high volume hull that paddles gracefully even with a more challenging load.  The right choice for families that need additional room to carry all the gear required to comfortably take that extended wilderness trip you've dreamed about. 

Northern Outfitter or Prospector 17' -3 seater

3 Seater, ideal for the group of 3 that requires the additional load capacity for gear and supplies.  

All canoes and kayaks come with paddles & bailer - please note, canoes do not come with PFD's 

All Outfitter, Elites, Prospectors and Adventurers are equipped with a deep-dish yoke

Lenght: 14'7"

Weight: 39lbs

Capacity: 300lbs

Lenght: 16'

Weight: 44lbs


Lenght: 16'

Weight: 53lbs

Capacity: 940lbs

Lenght: 17'

Weight: 58lbs

Capacity: 1015lbs

Lenght: 17'

Weight: 57lbs

Capacity: 970lbs


Dirago 120

Dirigo 120 is beloved for its optimal size and easy-to-paddle design. A roomy cockpit and excellent initial stability make this a perfect choice for almost anyone. Easy grip thigh pads help make the Dirigo 120 efficient and easy to control and maneuver on the water. Equipped with the bomber OT Cushioned Seat and a stern click seal hatch with bulkhead. Poly plastic material. Please note, no skirt available.

Lenght: 12'

Weight: 50lbs

Capacity: 325lbs

Canoe, Kayak, Gear & Equipment Rental & Rates


Gear & Equipment


Canoe Packs 118L

Food Barrels 30L 60L

Propane Stoves: Single & double burner

                               *propane not included

Cook Set: You name what you need and we'll put it together.

                   Dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, kettle etc.


Sleeping pads: Foam pad

Sleeping pads: Self inflating pad. Limited availability


Sleeping Bags:

Tents: 3 and 4 man 

Extra Paddle, jacket or bailing kit :

To make reservations on Canoes, Kayaks, Gear & Equipment

Call us at 800.818.1210



Length: 10.5' / 320cm
Width: 34" / 86cm
Height: 6" / 15cm
Weight: 48 lbs. / 22kg

Capacity:          230 lbs. / 104kg

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)

Lightweight, made from  High Density Polyetheylene 

CANOE SHUTTLE: $50, gets all of your canoes in & out of the access points (2, 3 &4.) 

1-6 days $30 per day 

7+ days $25.50 per day 

1-6 days $36 per day 

7+ days $30.50 per day

1-6 days $32 per day 

7+ days $27 per day

1-6 days $35 per day 

7+ days $30 per day

1-6 days $38 per day 

7+ days $32.50 per day

1-6 days $25 per day 

7+ days $21 per day

1-6 days $30 per day 

7+ days $25.50 per day


Life Jacket

$2 Per day

$9 Per day

$8 Per day

$5 Per day

$6 Per day

$2 Per day

$8 Per day

$20 Per day

$2 Per day, per person 

$2 Per day with rental

$4 Per day without rental